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Medium | Astrologer | Writer | Publisher

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Hello Gorgeous!

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Welcome to my Press Kit.

Below you will find the following:

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Short Bio


My Media Background

My media career began in 2002 when I joined a dynamic Healthcare contract publisher in London.

I went on to work with global media agencies to deliver national & global media campaigns.


My Spiritual Wellness Work

I qualified as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist in 2010. 

I launched my publishing imprints in 2020 with a focus on Spiritual Wellness

I offer personal consultations as an Astrologer, Angelic Reiki Master, and Spiritual Medium.

I also offer Spiritual Life Coaching and Mentorship.

You can request the full Press Kit here. 

Podcast Appearances

Podcast Appearances

Why Work with Me​?

Why Work with me

In my journey of spiritual work, which began earnestly in 2017, I've had the humbling opportunity to support individuals and families deeply affected by the Heroin/Opioid epidemic, as well as those grieving from losses due to murders and unexplained deaths. As a Medium, I've sought to offer a bit of peace and closure to those navigating the challenging waters of addiction, grief, and loss.

My practice has evolved to encompass a blend of psychological and spiritual approaches, aiming to provide a holistic path to healing. By integrating techniques from ACT (3rd Wave CBT), Hypnotherapy, Astrology, and Mediumship, I've been privileged to assist in the healing of childhood traumas, the breaking of generational patterns, and the support of individuals dealing with life's most profound transitions, including grief and the journey towards personal empowerment.

I'm reaching out to podcast hosts with the hope of sharing these experiences and insights with a wider audience. It's not just about the stories I bring, but the shared understanding and the collective healing that can emerge from open conversations about spirituality, psychology, and the human capacity to overcome adversity.


If you believe your listeners would find value in exploring these themes—of spirituality's role in personal growth, overcoming trauma, and finding empowerment—I would be truly honoured to contribute to your podcast. Together, we can offer a perspective that perhaps sheds light on the power of spiritual wellness and the potential for transformation in even the darkest of times.

Long Bio

Long Bio

Name: Sherile Turner-Myles

Location: London, UK

Profession: Medium; Astrologer; Writer; Publisher

Business: Publisher of Spirituality & Wellness Content

Bio Begins Here

My journey in the media world commenced in 2002, right in the heart of London, within the energetic walls of a contract publishing company. Those initial days saw me immersed in diverse sectors - from Healthcare to Family, and even the dynamic realms of Golf, Motor Racing, and The Olympics. As time went on, my professional path wove through the intricate tapestry of the media landscape, taking me into the corridors of traditional publishing houses, across the expanse of global media corporations, and into the buzzing world of International TV and Radio broadcasters.

Yet, it was through the veil of personal tragedy, notably the heart-wrenching loss of my husband in a road traffic accident, that my quest for a deeper, more meaningful existence began to take shape. This quest led me down the path of wellness, spirituality, and self-improvement, where I embraced the teachings and practices to become an Angelic Reiki Master in 2010. This was followed by further enriching my knowledge and skills in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and Western Astrology.

With a resolve to work digitally and globally, I ventured into the wellness space with the intention of making therapeutic and spiritual interventions accessible to all. Collaborations with leading apps such as Calm, and platforms like Amazon, have laid a solid foundation for my practice.

Simultaneously, I've continued to weave my narrative within the publishing industry as an independent consultant. My global collaborations have seen me don the hats of ghostwriter, editor, and publisher, predominantly in the realms of mindfulness, psychology, and spiritual teachings. This journey led to the launch of my own publishing imprints in 2020, dedicated to uplifting self-publishing authors in the spiritual wellness space. My aim is to utilise my broad commercial experience to support writers and authors in bringing their precious stories, wisdom, and inspirational insights to the forefront through publishing.

Alongside my professional endeavours, I've nurtured my inherent spiritual gifts, including mediumship, lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, and energy healing, guided by the expertise and mentorship of extraordinary teachers.


I began my Spiritual Wellness Practice in 2018. I offer Spiritual Medium, Astrology, and Angelic Reiki Consultations, along with Spiritual Life Coaching Programs.


I launched my Self Publishing Company in 2020, where I work with Authors to write, edit, and publish their work in the Spiritual Wellness fields.


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'The Psychologist & Her Narcissists' is a book about relationships, childhood trauma, and healing.

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