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My Work


Astrology & Cosmic Guidance

With over 13 years of dedicated work in the field of traditional Western or tropical astrology, Sherile seamlessly merges her deep-rooted astrological expertise with intuitive guidance to provide cosmic insights that guide you on your life's journey. Her journey began with a profound love for the ancient science of astrology, a passion she cultivated through years of study under renowned astrologers. Sherile's commitment to this mystical art has never waned; it has only deepened. Through her extensive experience and intuitive wisdom, she interprets your birth chart like a personalized cosmic roadmap, helping you navigate life's challenges and opportunities with clarity and purpose. Whether you seek answers about career decisions, relationships, or personal growth, Sherile's unique blend of astrological skills and intuitive gifts ensures that you receive the tailored cosmic guidance you need. Join her on this enlightening path to self-discovery and empowerment, where the wisdom of the stars illuminates your life's journey.

Spiritual Coaching 

My unique coaching approach merges ancient spiritual practices with modern therapeutic interventions to help individuals and businesses break free from old, limiting patterns that impede progress and growth. By drawing on my extensive knowledge of spiritual teachings and blending it with cutting-edge therapeutic techniques, I empower my clients to identify and overcome self-imposed obstacles, effectively manage stress and anxiety, and cultivate a more fulfilling and purposeful life. My coaching programs have been hailed for their effectiveness in promoting personal and professional transformation, allowing individuals and organizations to thrive in a world of constant change and uncertainty.

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