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In this Mindfulness coaching series, I will guide you through the 8-week program of mindfulness where you will learn how to be present in all of your relationships,  at work or with your career and manage any mood or emotional disturbances you may experience.

Feminine Healing

 In this 8- week coaching program You will learn how to connect with your divine feminine energy, blend and balance your roles in life and be empowered to move past any crisis that comes your way. 

It's time to free yourself... and live the life you truly value. 

Intuitive Healer/Coach

In this 12 -week Coaching Program you will develop your intuition and learn how to cleanse and clear your own chakras and energy systems. This program will provide a solid foundation for your own coaching career or give you the skills to help family and friends clear the energy that no longer serves them. 

01/ $1350

Mindfulness Coaching

Mental and Emotional hygiene is essential to living a healthy and productive life in today's fast-paced, digital world. 

Whether you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression or you are seeking ways to increase resilience, Mindfulness is for you.


Registration is currently closed, so please email here to be notified as soon as the new dates are released. 



There have been numerous studies proving that mindfulness reduces stress.

One study on present-moment awareness found that it facilitates an adaptive response to daily stressors. Another study found evidence that mindfulness produced less avoidance and more approach coping as a response to stress.



Everyone experiences times when we feel emotionally overwhelmed and allow our feelings to control our actions. We often regret the things we say or do and wish we had been able to keep those emotions in check.

Meditationmindfulness, relaxation and stress management techniques can help you take charge of your emotions and manage your responses to emotional situations. 


Mindfulness allows us to be present with our dark thoughts without being afraid of them or getting sucked into them. When we are present in the moment, without judgment, we can work on noticing negative thought loops, and instead of getting pulled into a vortex of negative emotions, which is what happens when we’re depressed, we see them as those thoughts again, or those feelings again, disempowering them and empowering ourselves.

02/ $1197

Feminine Healing

In this 8-week program, learn how to love, appreciate and value yourself in ways you may have never done before. 

Set and reinforce boundaries

Negotiate your place in the world as a strong woman.

Blend the roles of Mother, wife and friend with ease.

Discover your purpose 

Develop your passion

It's time to be your own best friend and declare to the world "I AM ENOUGH"



Follow a series of exercises to challenge your thoughts, emotions, values and beliefs. 

Connect with your true inner self.

Develop a new way of thinking and being in your life. 

Be empowered to navigate any crisis in life. 



Listen to daily meditations, tutorials and inspirational sessions to pull you along on your journey towards being fully empowered. 

Practice Mindfulness to help with: Forgiveness| Self Compassion|

Self-worth | Confidence | Intuition



Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy the series of worksheets are designed to help you to challenge thoughts and emotions and help you to create the values and beliefs that you truly desire. 

03/ $1295

Intuitive Healer

In this 12-week program, you will learn how to develop your intuition, connect with divine energy to heal others, blast any f your own energy blocks that are keeping you stuck and eliminate any patterns that no longer serve you. 

This program will provide you with the foundation for your own coaching career or give you the ability to heal yourself, family and friends.

The program will include:- 

1 x weekly group coaching session with Sherile a

6 x 1 - on 1 coaching session throughout the duration.


Meditation audio's

Registration is currently closed, so please email here to be notified as soon as the new dates are released. 




Suddenly depressed?

Tired and fatigued?

Worried, Angry or Frustrated all the time?

Can't hold onto Money, love or a Job?

Confused about your Purpose?


We all have energy systems that connect our Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies. These energy systems are connected by 100's of energy centers, with 7 main ones called Chakras. 

When our energy, otherwise known as Chi, Prana or life force is blocked it can manifest as mood disorders, emotional discomfort or disease.

In this training, you will learn about each of your 7 Chakras and how to clear those energy blocks that are keeping you from living your best life.



When your energy blocks have been cleared you will experience:

  • Joy, happiness and a sense of well-being

  • Clarity and ability to make decisions

  • Calm and Inner peace

  • Relief from physical, emotional and mental pain

  • Unified Mind Body and Spirit

  • Life Purpose will begin to flow

  • Renewed energy

  • Confident and authentic

  • Creative and inspired

  • Balanced in all areas

  • Thoughts of Self-love 

  • Strong intuition

  • Kindness and compassion

  • Improved physical health

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